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OK Nanette, I can see the where my use of the word "stack" led to the confusion. It also shows me that I need to improve the way I'm explaining the decoding of Victory! S.B.t.C, in terms of reasoning and methodology to you and the public at large. So, I'll start over, and try to simplify things.

First and foremost, two basic things need to be kept in mind:

1) That the last letter P, in the word "up" signals us what to look at, which is the cryptic sign-off "Victory! S.B.T.C". 

2) That this same letter P "pointer" resembles the shape of Lake Michigan, and it also has a letter D for the testicles portion of that same letter. These together trigger a 'Detroit Michigan' suggestion. This 'in turn' suggests the area in which we are gonna think about and look at.

3) Next, and as a researcher such as myself, I'd already recognized that the Zodiac killer's documents are all linked up with a lot of strong hints and direct evidence. So, the letters V and i, in "Victory," then caught my attention. The letter V has little hooks on the tips, which if extended would resemble the backwards facing or "dyslexic" looking letter N, as found on the Paradice Slaves document. Straight up, so to speak, the letter i resembles a colon. This triggers a coordinates suggestion. Or "N:" for North vs V:

4) As I worked the following letters 'ctory' and 'SBTC' against an alpha-numerical table, I already knew that the decoded numbers were gonna need a 42 prefix for latitude and -83 to -86 range for a prefix for longitude, in order to be in the same neighborhood hinted by this puzzle. Instead, c and t gives us 320, c=3, t=20. Also, there's no 83 through 86 longitude number prefixes found in the decoded letters.

5) At this point it's already pretty apparent that the letter c resembles a letter J laying down. This triggers the idea that the letter c has a double purpose and meaning. I think of this as a reinforcing hint, that the letter c is a imposter, or a phony. So, I robbed the number 1 from the decoded letter J, or the number 10's first digit, in order to get a number 4 instead of a number 3. 

6) The longitude prefix -86 was simply installed ahead of SBTC's decoded numbers. The reason is simply because -86 is nearest Lake Michigan in terms of longitude.

7) This overall decode started out as a short list of observations which triggered certain suspicions. A certain amount of trial and error was initially applied to this puzzle. The final results prove that I'd discovered the truest meaning for the cryptic sign-off. For these following numbers: 015182 and 192203 to fit directly into the decimal coordinates N:42.015182 -86.192203, and land near Burke St and Garret Rd, (for the garrote's most common pronunciation) is not gonna take place by random happenstance, in terms of the numbers.
That's the "bottom line."

8) After this first discovery was made, I then discovered that the decoded numbers 165516, taken from the hinted letters PEEP, from the "paper" over "between" hint, and plugged in place of 192203, lands right on the northbound lane of Burke St. This same proximity hint is very obvious in review.

OK, I'll now go back and fix my diagrams accordingly and thoroughly review the whole works.

I edited this message to fix some errors.

One small bit of info might make all the difference.

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So, item 4-5 sounds like you had to force fit. Since the letter characters led you to believe that you were working in Michigan, you purposefully went to work on how you could obtain these numbers. So it wasn't from any system that could or has been reproducible. Someone would have to see it like you, think like you, and then work it til they get their result of a predetermined location. It is a pure luck chance that in the end it lands on the very locations which spell out Garrot and Burke of course, but extremely interesting nonetheless. 
Have a positive and inspirational day!

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First of all, I didn't get an email notification on the DB Cooper thread posting by you, in which you posted 20 hours ago, as you apparently did on this thread at the same time.(?)

"Force fit?" Isn't an entire anagram then classified as a "force fit"? This resolution that I've done, is not  anagram based.

I merely recognized that the letter c is also posing as a letter J. It's a "significant" hint, so I used it's first "significant digit," which is the number 1. In fact there are at three ways to look at the resolution of the 42 degrees latitude prefix. And...Zodiac Jack apparently liked to do things in three's and multiples thereof.

So it wasn't from any system that could or has been reproducible.
  Most junior high school math students, and a great number of grade school kids can follow this "system" as you've called it. And, it's fully reproducible. There was no "luck" involved.
     As a matter of fact, I'd say that it's not credible that an organization like the FBI would miss that "Victory! S.B.t.C"  is an encryption. It's a simple puzzle to solve. Certain FBI agents didn't miss the fact that the taunting documents in the Cooper caper are heavily encrypted.

The numbers make it a definitive find. The "paper" over "between" hint bolsters it too.

Start by finding all of the intersections in the state of Michigan that resolve as both Burke St and Garret Rd, especially with Burke St ending at Garret Rd. Then work that against ALL of the intersection there are in that entire state!  

     See how many exist in the entire country. Then break any and all down into an "odds" number. In either instance you, you then have only one-half of the "odds" formula as it applies to this whole puzzle resolution. You still have the other half of the equation that comes from the numbers that Victory and SBTC offer up, by which to compare against whatever results you get on the intersection odds. This is why I used the term "astronomically improbably."

One small bit of info might make all the difference.

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No Nanette, if there was any "luck" involved in the solving of the cryptic sign off, it came on Sept 20th of 2016, when my friend Bob Shilz said to me: " Don't you think that some of these letter d's look like nooses?" He was pointing out some of them on the first RN page, like the words: "daughter", "adequate", and two of the ones found in "delivery." Right then, I knew he was correct. When I got back home, I noted especially the one in "dog"... t-handle and all. These are items of irrefutable evidence, with just enough subtle and detailed evidence that shows that the RN had to have had a lot of planning that went into it.

     It took me another 60 days to realize that the letter p's were drawn to resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. Then yet another 60 days to get to the last example of the letter p.

     Please try to understand that I was very sick of dealing with the whole works, and that I've had to raise a little cash doing small jobs, in to order sustain my tending of the study of the Ramsey case. For the last 6-7 years, I've always forced myself back to the study of these cases, and especially the ransom note. That very fanciful document has several other strong and interesting hints on it, that, so far, I've never mentioned on this forum, or anywhere in the public forum.

     BTW, I was pointing out the 'wing-ding' detail in the implied word "earlier", on line one of the second RN page to Bob, when he made his "noose" observation to me. 'Structurally' speaking, this 'wing-ding' hint implies the word Cartier', as in the high grade wristwatch company. 

     Bob took a huge load off of me with that very key "noose" observation. I was simply looking "too hard" at the ransom note and missing the most basic and obvious evidence available.

One small bit of info might make all the difference.
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