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Red dates = Unsolved Murders

Purple dates = Communications from Suspect

Blue dates = Jack’s whereabouts and timeline

The rest of the key is as follows for each area:

Southern California

Los Angeles


Santa Monica

San Diego


Santa Barbara and Gaviota

Northern California

Bay Area – Berkeley, Moraga, Antioch, Walnut Creek,


Santa Cruz


San Francisco



Santa Rosa


South Lake Tahoe = Mt. Aukum, Somerset, Nyack, Placerville

Eureka, Keddie, Redding, Chico

Texas – I-45





Washington DC – Maryland-New Jersey


Michigan 1

Michigan 2








North Carolina

South Carolina




Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand

Mexico and/or Cuba

Jack W. Tarrance, Jr.

Binder 1

1942Jack’s father is killed in a tractor accident. Flova calls a brother to help with the farm which infuriates Jack, the new man of the house. He hits the road after June of 1942 with only an 8th grade education.

Jack claims to have traveled by railway and had been in 28 states by the time he was 16 years old. So, we should consider these early murders.

Magnolia Murder

7-23-1943 Ora Murray – Fox Hills Golf Course, Los Angeles, CA– Magnolia flower under shoulder – mimics the movie Rose Murders

1944 –Per a family member Jack’s mom sold the farm, and moved to Chicago, Illinois.

3-24-1944– Mary Emma Thames and Betty June Binnicker – South Carolina murdered next to railroad  

Jack leaves on railway – train – railroad

It is my guess that Jack ended up back in Los Angeles. I think the next murder may have had a political or underground agenda.

10-11-1944Georgette Bauerdorf – 8493 Fountain Avenue, Hollywood, CA – Texas Oil Heiress – Divine Retribution = sounds like mafia/mob overtone

Lipstick Killer

2-6-1945Jack is 17 years old, or sometime close after, it is said that JT attempted to enter military, but was told to go gain some weight. He ate a bunch of bananas he said.

6-2-1945Jack enters Navy in Lubbock, Texas placed in reserves station in Dallas, Texas.

6-3-1945 or after– I believe Jack went home to visit Mom in Chicago, Illinois, before leaving in the military. Zodiac Killer is said to have been apprised of not yet published

Dick Tracey comics which are based out of Chicago. Jack either found himself in the


hands of the Mob, CIA, or some other underground organization, but the comic strip

was published at the Chicago Tribune ran at some point by Carlos Marcello Chicago, Illinois.

6-5-1945Josephine Ross – 4108 North Kenmore Avenue, Edgewater, Chicago, Ill.

6-27-1945 Jack is sent to San Diego – Arrives 6-30-1945

7-28-1945Jack is seen on his ship – Sent to war, but Japan surrenders WWII is over.

8-1945Jack is turned around and sent home. This first note indicates that the suspect is in the military and has been to Okinawa = Japan since Bauerdorf’s murder – returns to San Diego.

9-21-1945Anniversary Note Georgette Bauerdorf – LA Police – Turn Self In @ Bar – Divine Retribution – Found on Stone Wall – Typewritten

9-29-1945Jack is stationed in San Francisco Jack isn’t listed on active duty until 12-11-1945, since returning from WWII, then I believe that Jack would have gone home to see Mom either after arriving in San Francisco or for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

12-10-1945Frances Brown – 3941 North Pine Grove, Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois.

12-10-1945Writing on Wall – Brown’s Apartment – Chicago Illinois – Written in Lipstick – Anagram

Anagram of the “Writing on Wall” yields this message, “I’m Jack Tarrance I have slain FBR I see more of them yull see more of me.”

12-12-1945 Jack is listed on active duty in San Francisco, but he would have come home to Mom for Christmas.

1-6-1946Suzanne Degnan – 5943 North Kenmore Avenue, Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois. – washed, beheaded and bisected – body parts found in sewer basins leaving the crime

1-7-46Ransom Note – Degnan Child already Dead = Jon Benet Ramsey – Handwritten – Chicago, Illinois – Extortion

1-7-46Suspect calls to notify police where her body parts can be found

*** New – Haven’t Seen*** Mayor Edward Kelly received a note, “This is to tell you how sorry I am not to not get ole [sic] Degnan instead of his girl. Roosevelt and the OPA make their own laws. Why shouldn’t I and more?” = “More” reference Zodiac, I-45 Killer, Atlanta Georgie Child Killer

Edward Kelly is known for being corrupt and the Mayor of Chicago until 1947…The mafia/mob is in control of Chicago really, and the underground private security of  corporations or the rich and famous is handled by the CIA or Secret Service aka The Mob/Mafia – Jack was listed as contract security for Hewlett Packard.

***New – Haven’t Seen*** Lipstick Killer “If you don’t ketch me soon, I will cummit suicide….You may find me at the Club Tavern at….Please hurry now.”

Relation to Bauerdorf anniversary letter that police will find suspect at Hollywood Canteen, Oakland County Child Killer with Pony Express Bar – Club, and 3-15-1947 anniversary letter for Mary is a suicide note with neatly folded clothing made to look like suspect of Black Dahlia murder walked off into ocean to commit suicide, and Zodiac with Exorcist Letter and the suicide in billowy waves (aka ocean).

1-7-1946 Message left on Sign Post “Stop me before I kill more.” = All crimes, and lettering practiced by JT and Zodiac

1-7-1946Evidence in the Lipstick case is found at the railway station or near the train tracks / railroad. Jack was on a train out of Chicago based on where the evidence leads to, and we see several crime sprees surrounding the railway – railroad – trains

Jack returns to San Francisco, California orJack is sent to Michigan/Illinois area for specialized military training which is near Mom. Jack has pictures of the rebuild of the Public Service Company of Northern Illinois – AKA Waukegan Power Plant 17 miles from these murders.  Or, just maybe, Mom sold farm and moved to where Jack already was???

Six Year old cross over from last crime in Chicago to the next in California…

2-15-1946Rochelle Gluskoter 6 years old – Kidnapped 1113 E. 85th Street, Poway, CA – Dumped Santiago Canyon Road 3 miles from Irvine Lake – 44 mins from abduction site

I lose Jack’s residence and whereabouts until he re-enlists in 1948.

Texarkana Phantom – Moonlight Murders – Lover’s Lane Murders = Zodiac 1968-69, Florida 1946, and Los Angeles murders – Black Dahlia

2-22-1946Jimmy Hollis and Mary Jane Larey – Richmond Road and Taylor Road, Texarkana, TX – Lovers Lane killings = Zodiac

3-15-1946Jack marries Letha in Alameda County, and leaves 3 days later. Explains the 1 month between killings, and then increase to every 3 weeks.

3-24-1946Richard Griffin and Polly Ann Moore – Robison Road and Hwy 67, Texarkana, TX – Lover’s Lane killings

4-13-1946Betty Jo Booker and Paul Martin – Found Dead at Spring Lake Park, Texarkana, TX, last seen alive at VFW Club 4th and Oak Streets, Texarkana, TX – Lover’s Lane

5-3-1946Virgil and Katy Starks – 10 Miles up Hwy 67, Arkansas – Flashlight left at the scene = Zodiac was infatuated with his pencil flashlight as gun sight

5-5-1946Earl McSpadden – Found on Train Tracks Little River County, AR 16 miles from Texarkana @ Kansas City Southern Railroad = there will be additional bodies found on the Southern railroad

Have a positive and inspirational day!

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Jack’s agenda is not clear here yet, but Jack leaves again on the railway – railroad – train. Back to Los Angeles… Most of these murders were surrounding Red River Arsenal Army Depot??? = VA, VFW, Military Bases, and Military Hospitals are themed throughout this killer’s lifetime

7-15-1946Gertrude Landon – Los Angeles

Coinciding with Elizabeth Shorttraveling back to Chicago to see Heiren’s trial, it is my theory that Jack either followed her,went with her, or coincidentally met her in Chicagofollowed her into Miami, FL which is where she was said to have traveled after Chicago, or met her in Miami, FL, and before returning to Los Angeles, CA, but the next murder is of course to take credit for Texarkana murders because law enforcement has the wrong suspect in jail, and we know how the Zodiac Killer wished to make sure the record was straight. Jack actually has a picture of Ft. Lauderdale Beach of this time frame in his belongings. This is 9 miles from this next crime.

Florida Lover’s Lane Murder Dania Beach, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

10-8-1946 Elaine Eldridge and Lawrence Hogan – Dania Beach – Hollywood Type Area like Bauerdorf and Short – lover’s lane – CIA and Mob territory

Jack is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL = Miami, Florida, CIA headquarters and Mafia ran i.e. same thing.

Returns to California, and this next murder victim is surrounded by the same stature of people as Bauerdorf. Well connected…


Black Dahlia

1-9-1947Elizabeth Short – AKA Black Dahlia – Goes Missing – Los Angeles – Justified = Divine Retribution, again Mafia-Mob mentality

1-10-1947Armand Robles – Assaulted and Robbed – 4300 Block of Eagle Street, Los Angeles, CA – under kill on the males

1-19-1947Handwritten and FBI FOIA Type written letter mailed to Hoover describing suspect in Black Dahlia killing. – Ex-marine, white, 5’10”, 160 lbs., red hair, handsome, Irish and English, age 28-30, check all camps and hospitals in California – Most of this description is indicative of Jack, and “hospital and hospitals” become a regular topic in the communications from this killer. – This taunting of Hoover who is head of FBI can be perceived as an attempt to embarrass the FBI.

1-21-1947Here is Dahlia’s Belongings – Cutouts Postcard – Mailed to Los Angeles Examiner and Other LA Newspapers

1-22-1947Marianne Newton – San Diego, CA

1-23-1947Phone call to authorities to expect Short’s personal effects and letters to follow.


1-24-1947“I Will Give Up” – Cutouts Postcard –

1-26-1947“Turning In” Postcard to Herald Express – Handwritten – Turn themselves in = Bauerdorf, Lipstick Killer, Zodiac Killer, Oakland County Child Killer

1-26-1947? – “Have changed my mind” – Cutouts Postcard – Received by Police Department – you would not give me a square deal

1-28-1947“Go Slow” Postcard to Herald Express – Cutouts Postcard – Handwritten = Please hurry now Lipstick Killer

1-28-1947“Yes or No” Postcard to Los Angeles Herald & Express – Handwritten – Cutouts Postcard

1-29-1947“Ask News Man” Postcard to Hearld Express – Handwritten = offer of proof like Zodiac

1-29-1947 Arrested for Forgery” Postcard to Hearld Express – Handwritten = letting law enforcement know they have the wrong person like Zodiac, Texarkana Phantom in the Florida murder and I-45 Tim Miller

1-29-1947“If he confesses” – Hearld – Express – Handwritten Postcard = law enforcement has the wrong person, Zodiac and I-45 killer Tim Miller

2-1-1947“Threat on Armand Robles” Postcard – Cutouts- “Next” = Mr. Adams postcard made with cutouts and indicating that Mr. Adams is “Next” as Zodiac

Unknown Date:

MessageUnsure of character – “Dahlia’s killer cracking. Wants terms.”

Message Unsure of character – “We’re going to Mexico City. Catch us if you can.” – Mexico, Cuba, and El Paso, Texas hotspots mentioned in these crimes. HB Tennison lockbox, Zodiac Killer mentions Mexico

Postcard - Cutouts – Here is the photo of the Werewolf” Kiiler’s = Man Beast article from 1971 Playboy magazine in DB Cooper Caper – ii’s ??? Because capital II’s in Dear Mary the word “killer” as well


Los Angeles Herald & Express

1243 Trentn.

Los Angeles, Calif.


Herald Express

BUIL DING 1243 = Anthrax mailing

Trenton St. = Bruce Ivins letter 2006 – Scorpion New Jersey and Anthrax

Zone is (or 15)  Los Angeles = postal knowledge

Gaipe aka gAipe = The Irish Ecclesiastical Record “means” he burst into laughter – Maybe letter 1-19-47 to Hoover was telling the truth about “Irish and English”

Red Phantom – Red Lipstick Killer – Riverside Phantom – Lone Women Murders – Werewolf Murderer – Magnolia Murderer

2-10-1947Jeanne French – 3200 Grand View, Los Angeles, CA.

Written on naked body with Lipstick – “Fuck You BD”, and “Tex”

3-1-1947Mae Lorene Preston – Los Angeles

3-12-1947Evelyn Winters – Ducommon Street Railway – Los Angeles, CA

3-15-1947Suicide Note “Sorry Mary” – Handwritten – Left on Beach in shoes with Clothes Laundry – I think Santa Barbara area??? Need to Research

5-3-1947Dorothy Montgomery – Under a Pepper Tree – Los Angeles, CA

5-11 or 12-1947Laura Trelstad – Signal Hill Oil Field, Long Beach, CA

5-17-1947Letter found on Bill Heirens supposedly while in custody – Heirens claims it’s homework, but he’s in jail… Not clear if typewritten or handwritten – Letter to victim taking wrap for his crimes

Letter found on Bill Heirens supposedly while in custody – Heirens claims it’s homework, but he’s in jail… References a locker that should be kept intact for a return of the author who has new business in Texas, and is sorry that Bill is in jail because of him. Jock??? But, the letter is written May 17, and Bill isn’t arrested until 6-26-1946, so this must mean that the letter wasn’t found on Bill until 1947 which would coincide with his incarceration as the story goes.

6-20-1947Bugsy Siegle – Beverly Hills, CA

7-8-1947Rosenda Mondragon – Elmyra Street near North Main – 1 mile from Evelyn Winters Scene

10-2-1947Lillian Dominguez – Santa Monica, CA - Add to Binder

Coroner determined that she had been stabbed in the heart a single time with a blade that was at least 3.5” long and ½” wide. Stilleto style knife or ice pick = Ardsma and Bates

10-22-1947 – Jack is discharged from the Navy, but not sure if San Francisco or San Diego

1-21-1948 – Jack files his discharge papers in Atoka County, Oklahoma

2-14-1948Viola Norton – Abducted from sidewalk in Alhambra – Los Angeles

2-16-1948Gladys Kern – 4217 Cromwell Avenue – Los Angeles, CA

2-16-1948Before body is discovered a handwritten letter is recovered in a mailbox ½ block from the Biltmore Hotel where Elizabeth Short was last seen this cross

connected to the Block writing left on the sign post in the Lipstick killings a ½ block from one of the murders. Writing is attributed to the Riverside Phantom


Supposedly written by an “accomplice” who wants to “help police” which is similar to that of the Allen letter to Dr. Danto in the Oakland County Child Killer cases AKA

Babysitter and The Snowman circa 1976-77.

3-29-1948 – Jack enlists in the Air Force in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas – LA is free of murders for almost 15 months. Jack is off the grid… This is Jack getting out of town after the last killing spree, he is closer to the next murder, and he is back in California by the time he discharges again anyway.

11-5-1948H. B. Tennison – Poison Pen Suicide – Fayetteville, ArkansasFather owns steel company Memphis, Tennessee = Chattanooga, TN letters – Ciphered letters and poetic rhymes to solve = Zodiac – Georgia – Donna Lass – Tennison purportedly gave his typewriter to a friend… Interesting since some of our letters are typewritten. = Steel symbol on Halloween card by Zodiac, and Zodiac style letters sent to a McDonald’s in Chattanooga, TN

11-5-1948Rhyme and riddle to find paper inside pen body – tip of cap covered in poison – paper inside cipher key to opening lock to lockbox – rolls of film from Mexico with view-master – Confession letter to Texarkana murders

6-13-1949Louise Springer Missing – Taken a block away from where Black Dahlia was found

6-16-1949Springer Found – 125 or 136 W. 38th Street – Los Angeles

8-18-1949Mimi Boomhower Disappearance – 700 Block of Nimes Road, Bel Air Los Angeles, CA

8-23-1949Purse found at phone booth 5 days after her disappearance with a note scrawled on the side that said “Police Dept. (symbols) we found this at the beach Thursday night”. Purse showed no exposure to sand or salt water.

10-7-1949Jean Spangler – 8033 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA – Associated and seen later with two of Mickey Cogen’s thugs that went missing too. Seen in El Paso, Texas = letter in Bill Heiren’s possession about Jock having work south of El Paso, TX = Mexico and/or Cuba – Mob casino’s and drug trade

10-7-1949 to 8-6-1962 there is one missing Army soldier and other than that California goes silent from a killer for quite some time. Jack writes a letter to the Boiler Maker’s Union requesting re-entry once he returns from Japan and his previous address was Arkansas1 year and 6 days before he left to the military, but his current address is Alameda, CA. This puts him in the heart of much of this next action, and Charles’ first wife indicated she was in Arkansas for six months in 1954. 1962 Jack is definitely back in California working for GE Nuclear and 1962 is when we see the next set of murders.



Have a positive and inspirational day!

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BINDER 3 = 1950:

2-3-1950 – Jack discharges the AF from Hamilton AFB, near Novato, CA, so Jack is obviously back in California before his discharge. Three more murders in Southern California coincidentally occur.


1-1-1951Jack enlists in the AF reserves – Richmond, CA

3-21-1951 to 3-1-1952Jack is active in the AF and shows living in Riverside, CA with Letha Tarrance– Jack is ARSMATS in the AIR Force which is the Air Rescue Service for quick rescue of stranded soldiers whereby he was the Technical Supply Sargent and understood the technical nature of planes, equipment, and radios. Riverside, CA becomes a location of interest to this killer in 1966.

1-1953 thru 12-1953 – Jack shows living in Austin, Texas at a mechanics course

3-15-1954 – Jack re-enlists in the Navy or Air Force at Treasure Island

1954 – Jack goes to Michigan, moves Charles and Delores, puts Delores/child in Arkansas left for 6 months  

7-4-1954Marilyn Reese Sheppard – Bay Village, Ohio – maybe on way to Michigan???

12-1-1954 – Jack is still at the Presidio, but he is failing his education and training

12-2-1954 – Jack goes to Atsugi Japan where MKULTRA is already underway

3-21-1955 – Jack is discharged where MKULTRA is now commissioned to run, Jack doesn’t return to Oklahoma where he listed as his last address when requesting discharge, he gets his radio license in San Francisco, CA by 1955 with a Bay Area address.

12-28-1956Barbara and Patricia Grimes – Run away to Nashville, Tennessee to a Elvis Presley Concert – Ice Pick

1-22-1957Bodies found – German Church Road, Willowbrook, Illinois

2-25-1957Boy in the Box – Philadelphia, PA – May not be Jack???

4-24-1958Mary Jane Hanselman – Went Missing – Springfield, Illinois

4-27-1958Hanselman’s Body Found – North of Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois.

7-10-1958 Paul Whipkey – Army Soldier goes missing – Monterey, CA

6-9-1959– Lynne Harper – Vanastra, Ontario, Canada = Canada Connection DB Cooper Anthrax = MKULTRA Allen Memorial Hospital???Research

1962 and 1963 – Jack works for GE Nuclear Power Plant – San Jose, CAInterestingly enough, Jack is in California when Marilyn Monroe is suicided (Poisoning = Zodiac again telling of his previous work with Mescaline), and Jack goes back to Texas at the end of 1963 when JFK is assassinated???? What’s up with that? And Zodiac writes a letter in regards to JFK’s murder and it is mailed out of Lancaster, California no less.

8-6-1962Marilyn Monroe – Los Angeles, CA – Poisoning = Mescaline and Tennison - JFK

11-15-1962Irene Gibbons – Los Angeles, CA – Suicide by jumping out hotel window – Owes Mob = MKULTRA scientist jumps out hotel window suicided after being slipped LSD without his knowledge and becoming a risk.

6-4-1963Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards – Beach near Gaviota, CA which is Santa Barbara area.

End of 1963 – Jack leaves California and moves to Texas to put up two mobile homes per Doris Reynolds, Jack’s next wife, for no reason at all he left a $53,000 a year job as a test foreman for GE Nuclear Power Plant in San Jose, CA. = California is free from any murders thru September 1966, and all the murders are in Texas or to the East, and actually all the next murders that occur until Jack returns to California have to do specifically with people who are directly associated with John F. Kennedy

11-22-1963JFK – Daley Plaza – Dallas, TX

11-22-1963 Police officer sitting in a patrol car Texas = huge zodiac taunt ties it to this crime – JFK

12-3-1963Oswald Case Letter – Mailed from Lancaster, CA to Dallas Police, Dallas Texas

10-12-1964Mary Meyer – Washington DC- JFK

6-23-1965Fred and Edwina Rogers – 1815 Driscoll Street, Houston, TX – Son MKULTRA – CIA - JFK

1966 – Jack is said to be in a hospital in recovery??? and Doris moved back to California

9-1966Valerie Percy – Chicago, Ill. – Father a politician – Sister married a Kennedy

9-1966 – Jack returns to California looking for Doris and stays with Don (brother) who lives in Riverside, CA where all of the next action occurs.This next murder could very well be Jack searching for Doris in the San Jose area before returning to his brother’s in Riverside.

8 or 9-1966Red Dress Murder – Paradise Drive, Tiburon, CA = Zodiac slaves in PARADICE = Dear Draft Board Letters specifically mentions Tiburon and hospital, Cheri Jo Bates “Desk Top Poem” talks about a red dress, and Jack supposedly just got out of the hospital per Doris

10-30-1966Cheri Jo Bates – Riverside City College 4800 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA – This address may have a connection to the Red Hibiscus/ Magnolia Street dumpsites and murders in Riverside/Los Angeles previously.


11-29-1966Confession Letter to Chief of Police and Daily Enterprise – Anniversary letter – Typewritten

12-19664 months after CJB murder - found in library, Desk Top Poem = Paradise Drive and red dress 9-1966 in Tiburon

End of 1966 – Jack finds Doris and marries her and is in Santa Clara area

Jack most likely on visits to his brother sent the following communications and committed the cross connecting murder by knife with a similar reported knife as the Zodiac Killer used which is indicative of the knife in the Riverside/PA and MI murders with a 3 ½ x ½ inch knife and a single stab to the heart in two of the cases.

4-30-1967Bates Letters/3; Envelopes 4: Missing Letter – Handwritten

4-30-1967Bates Letters/3; Envelopes 4: Missing Letter – Handwritten

4-30-1967Bates Letters/3; Envelopes 4: Missing Letter – Handwritten

4-30-1967Envelope to Riverside Press – Cursive

5-1-1967Nikki Benedict – Poway, CA – San Diego, CA area – Riverside is 1 hr 23 mins from Poway

11-1-1967Patricia Hautz Anonymous Letter – Typewritten

1967 to 1968 – Jack, Doris, and Danny Reynolds live in Nyack, CA – Tow Truck Driver, and at some point this year Doris leaves Jack and moves back to Santa Clara, CA. Doris tries one more time, but can’t stay with Jack, and they file for divorce. This area is notorious for Jack in 1971 with addresses in Somerset, Mt. Aukum, Placerville, and South Lake Tahoe. This becomes an area eventually in Jack’s crime sprees

Jack’s medical care is taken care of at Letterman General VA hospital  in San Francisco as we see in Jack’s paperwork, and this is a very contentious area for unsolved Zodiac style murders of nurses, keypunch operators, taxi cab drivers and prostitutes. – Donna Lass comes from Letterman General before going missing from the same casino Jack’s daughter works at in South Lake Tahoe where Jack eventually moves to.

3-4-1968“Dear Draftboard 3 Letters” – Handwritten – Drawings – Cursive – mailed from San Francisco  - This is where the “Bureau” becomes part of the game.

3-4-1968“Dear Draftboard 3 Letters” –Handwritten – Drawings – Cursive – mailed from San Francisco

3-4-1968“Dear Draftboard 3 Letters” – Typewritten and Handwritten – Cursive – mailed from San Francisco  = all three of these letters are mailed to Syracuse, New York which will be a new crime spree within 2 years. There may be a connection between the killer stating where he will strike next and the communication. Also, this may be a hint he is going to be striking at a hospital and in this case could mean Letterman or Albany which is then spun into Zodiac and the nurse’s and keypunch operators in the Sacramento area where he will move to within the upcoming years. Need to mapquest from the VA hospital in Albany

6-5-1968Robert F. Kennedy – Los Angeles, CA – Mimics this as Zodiac Killer with Paul Stine. There seems to be a whole lot of mimicry of what was going on with the Kennedy’s including the 1940’s business with the poison pen.

8-27-1968Richard Chartrand – Casino owner in South Lake Tahoe – Research – Borrowed money from mob to buy casinos like Irene Givens did for her Hollywood clothing business. Blown up in a car bomb after starting car and driving for a few minutes… In two years from now this becomes the Zodiac’s next crime spree with Donna Lass going missing from the casino that Jack’s daughter works at in South Lake Tahoe.

Zodiac Lover’s Lane Killings

12-2-1968David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen – Lake Herman Road Lover’s Lane Killing outside of Benicia, CA-Vallejo / Fairfield

1969 – Jack has no address and is living on his brother-in-law’s converted school bus, but is staying between Vallejo and the Bay Area

5-15-1969 – James Rector – Research???

7-4-1969Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau – Blue Rock Springs, Vallejo, CA

7-5-1969Suspect calls in to report and claim responsibility for the attack and confesses to the earlier murder at Lake Herman Road. Police trace the call to Springs Road and Tuolomne 3/10 of a mile from Ferrin’s home and blocks away from Vallejo Police Department.= Oakland County Child Killer in 1976-77 lays one of the victims blocks from the police department in plain view for everyone to see just like Black Dahlia

7-31-19693 Letters/3 Part Cipher Harden’s solved – 408 Cipher – Handwritten Vallejo Times Herald Cipher

7-31-1969 - San Francisco Chronicle Cipher

7-31-1969 - San Francisco Examiner Cipher


Jack has already learned cipher and code via Atsugi Japan and multiple HAM RADIO licenses from 1954-1967 thus the perfect candidate for the Zodiac.

The Harden’s solved the cipher which reads about “The Most Dangerous Game” a movie. This cross connects to the victims in Texarkana and California where the victims are found dead feet or miles from their intended location or car because they were literally told to run and were chased by the suspect as if he were hunting them like rabbits. Rabbits are a theme mentioned via Alice in Wonderland and the rabbit hole. This

Have a positive and inspirational day!

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suspect has a habit of quoting poems, movies, books, and other published items such as Playboy or particular Newspapers. This theme is consistent and constant throughout.

The un-decoded section of the Harden’s solve, namely the last 18 symbols of the 408 cipher, has been anagrammed out to, “TIME PERITE OBITE EHH”, and further to “TIME PERISH DIE EHH.” Which has been theorized as a message about E. Howard Hunt as one of the three tramps purportedly involved with JFK’s assassination.

And even further to a double linked Latin anagram that says, “Jack W in order to MKULTRA”, per the decoder. This also reads in multiple messages which also state things like, “I have quit RX OK with me”, and “Ira et White, I’ve quit MKU”.

If we are to believe the decode by L.L.S., we have a piece to the puzzle long since buried, and it is running in tandem with what this killer has spoken about in his own writings. Zodiac speaks of underground perverted and corrupt systems and gives himself the excuse that he was on LSD, Acid, and other such drugs and alcohol. Also, Zodiac describes the experience of being outside his body as if hypnosis was involved, and Jack used a hypnosis circle that was the symbol for the Zodiac during his reign.

The seriously interesting point here is that Ira Feldman and George White (Jack’s supervisor at GE Nuclear Power Plant was a George White in 1962 and 1963) were operatives in the government’s experiment with mind control through hypnosis and the use of drugs such as LSD, Heroin, and super strong THC in a CIA/Secret Service/Underground (underground becomes a constant reference in this killer’s letters) operations and program called MKULTRA which is a spin off PAPERCLIP- BLUEBIRD –ARTICHOKE-MKULTRA in Atsugi Japan 1953-1955 where Jack was stationed during 1954-Operation MIDNIGHT in San Francisco, CA 1955-1967 before being decommissioned and the public finding the misfiled documents on this in 1971 during Watergate and the Atlanta Georgia Child Killer’s reign. The timing of the Zodiac Killer’s crime spree comes on the heels of his gravy train coming to an end in the MKULTRA program and he is reaching out to his handlers. This is why much of the ciphers are not decodable by the average public or law enforcement.  

8-9-1969Tate and LaBianca Murders –Research – Manson Family is retaliated on by Zodiac Killer??? Follow the money (Tate pregnant with Polanski’s baby) relation to Hollywood, and newspaper connection comes back to Zodiac and news that isn’t printed yet. See who owns Chicago= Carlos Marcellos???-Los Angeles-Riverside-San Francisco-Reno-Times-Examiner-Chronicle-Herald-Express-Press. CIA – Mind Control - LSD

8-4-1969No Address Letter – Handwritten

8-10-1969“The Key” Letter – To: Sergeant John Lynch, Vallejo Police Department, Vallejo, CA – Completely Typewritten = Zodiac 1990 Xmas card and Tim Miller’s letter references keys in the communication

9-27-1969Brian Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard – Lake Berryessa – Napa area

9-27-1969Writing on Karma Ghia Car Door

Dennis Kaufman found a Zodiac Killer Hood inside a PA System (HAM RADIO equipment) that was owned and coveted by Jack for years. In 2008 this was found and turned over to the FBI.

9-27-1969 - Police receive a call from a phone booth from a car wash on First Street, Napa, CA reporting the murder.

10-11-1969Paul Stine – Cherry Street Presidio Heights, San Francisco, CA– Mimic of RFK – Magnolia, Maple, and Cherry are all trees follow connection

10-11-1969Someone calls to report the shooting, but reports that a black male is responsible.

10-13-1969“Stine Letter” – Includes a piece of victims shirt as proof= Zodiac’s need to prove or give proof

Catseye’s solve:

Among other things, time changes, oh the times. The day one died a good hero. Thus and by itself the world grows old lawfully. Now in Book of Secrets. I will protect with your permission. Honor among aliases, the agents and people with other names. Who’s good I know for honor among aliases. This time let it stand, but remember truth conquers. Given in time for all because it is not good to hold the wolf by its ears as it is a dangerous situation to hold or let go. Must remain brave for beware mind control now legal in total as one. Thus fear pope Paulus documents respectfully in order. One red rose hero I know is of sane mind. So in fear of death do not disturb body of the offense. Trial investigations judge your patriarchy. I will protect things to be corrected and essentially stand three times that of a hero. Artisan of my fate all around, all things to all men. Beware cause of death now testimony in book of secrets. In time such hero is absolved who I know is good, when permitted to know, remember Judith. Let it stand essentially your almighty pope who cannot lie. As witnessed from your prettiest youth to beautiful old womanhood, we consecrate your young man to good order.




10-19-1969Mr. Adams Letter – Handwritten – Orinda, CA – Compare to TV and RGS

10-21-1969Article written in the newspaper to the Zodiac – Go into hiding

11-5-1969John Phillip (Zero) Haught – Venice Beach, CA – Manson Family Member

1969Los Angeles Narcotics Agent killedResearch

11-8-1969Bus Bomb Letter –Handwritten with Bomb Diagram

11-9-1969340 Cipher and Dripping Pen Card – Handwritten

Ciphered by LLS which due to a partial solve is phonically spelled and spoken then transcribed to a legible English message:

You in fact got nothing and I get annoyed and said you I had died or caught? Again you say I win the games. Once again, so fucked! I hate you, don’t I? You should die! I go kill you so you see no end of me. I am Jacd Taroense. You are a sweaty nasty good and tight. My name is Zodiak. The End – Done

You catch what’s so damn funny? I’m Zodiac. Hate getting caught! Don’t assume an old nut dog is what you got! Sad note, you are wrong! Said I fucked you! Ooh! I got you!

11-14-1969Maureen Patricia Field – Pleasant Hill Rd Kmart – Found Morgan Territory Rd. Mt. Diablo base – Phillip Hughes Convicted of this Crime

Suspect called familyI’m calling about your daughter. She is dead. I killed her.

11-16-1969Patricia King – Found near football stadium at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA

11-21-1969James Sharp and Doreen GaulFound in alley between Arapahoe St. and Magnolia Avenue, Los Angeles, CA – Manson Family Members – Magnolia murders relation.

Type Written note in all caps was found in Gaul’s room – So you think you can fool the old killer – Zodiac decode of 340 cipher = extraneous “L’s”

11-28-1969Betsy Aardsma – Penn State University, Pattee Library = Zodiac - Cheri Jo Bates same size knife – This and Joel Pugh were done at the same time within 3 hours distance of each other in PA and Pugh was found after Jack was already home and

back in the Bay Area to prove the Zodiac is still alive and kicking with this next

murder afterdumping Gaul and Sharp’s bodies in Los Angeles on his way home. Goal here is to promote the idea of multiple serial killers operating at one time.

12-1-1969Elaine Davis – Pioneer Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA

12-2-1969 – Found – Joel Dean Pugh – Talgarth Hotel in West Kensington, PA – Manson Family Member


12-7-1969Turn Myself In Letter – Handwritten – Cipher – Mailed from Fairfield = Lipstick, Black Dahlia, Bauerdorf, and Oakland County Child Murders

12-8-1969Call from Suspect who claimed, “I’m calling about your daughter. I killed her.” – Maureen Field

12-11-1969Leona Roberts – 749 Tormey Road, Rodeo, CA – Philip Hughes Convicted

12-12-1969Bleeding Knife Letter – San Francisco Examiner from Fairfield

12-20-1969Belli Letter – Handwritten – Belli is Ruby’s counsel at this time.

LLS Solve with double anagram of “Melvin Belli” and then applying rule to the letter = H.B. Tennison message within a message 1948:

Am not safe from the icult and the trigger if control cannot help me. At this again because wish much work this Christmass.

L.L.S. solve of this letter reveals another message that runs tandem with the double linked Latin anagram of the last 18 symbols of the 408 cipher. Using “Melvin Belli” twice, and then applying an anagram to it, he got, “my even eleven margins.”  Coincidentally there are 22 sentences which in turn gives you eleven even and eleven odd sentences by which to pull the words from the beginning and end of each sentence representing the margin words. This completes a statement once you anagram out the words to a sensible statement and L.L.S. found it to say something to the effect of:


1-26-1970Charles Jarman – near intersection of Jackson and Broderick, San Francisco – 10 Blocks from the Paul Stine Cab Murder 10-11-69

3-3-1970Cosette Ellison – From Moraga – Found Mt. Diablo Foothills

3-5-1970Patricia King – Found near football stadium at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA - *****May not be Zodiac –3-

3-6-1970Missing –Marie Anstey – Morgan Valley Road – Continuation of Lake

3-7-1970Judith Hakari – Alta Arden Apartments???? Berryessa Road = Zodiac connection – nurse or keypunch operator at hospital

3-13-1970Anstey found –

3-13-1970Eva Blau – Petaluma Hill Rd., Santa Rosa, CA

3-22-1970Kathleen Johns and Baby – Hwy 132 near Modesto– near Oakdale of DB Cooper Caper mailing area

4-20-1970My Name Is – San Francisco Chronicle – Handwritten – Cipher/Code

LLs Cipher Solve =

  1. Jack W My Name Zodiac

  2. JK am Not w - CIA Men

  3. CIA Making me not JW

  4. To John: A CIA MKW MEN

Have a positive and inspirational day!

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4- 28-1970Dragon Card

6-19-1970SFPD Officer killed while sitting in patrol car - .38 Gun – like JFK officer and Cabbies – speaking of which

6-25-1970 Larry Hargis – Taxi Cab driver – San Diego, CA – Just like SFPD officer / JFK Officer

6-26-1970Mt. Diablo Map – Shot a man in a parked car – Z32 Cipher – Handwritten- bragging

LLS Cipher solve:

Primary Message: Go 7 MI-Miles 45 degrees The N Valejo CC Day Park 120 degrees W-West of X-crossing square Zodiac


Tertiary Message: Jaack W T off CIA Help ID GOTON ON MKVLTRA


New Quarternary Message: EXP TO CIA FAG IO DOD F JOHN W T CON MKVLTRA = Expedite to CIA Field Agents Group – Intelligence Operations: Dept of Defense, From John W T con MKULTRA

7-24-1970Mikado letter – Little List letterMailed to ???  - notate differences

7-24-1970Johns Letter – San Francisco Chronicle – Handwritten

7-26-1970Buttons Letter – San Francisco Chronicle – Handwritten

7-26-1970Little List Letter – San Francisco Chronicle – Handwritten

7-28-1970Mikado Letter – Pages of Buttons letter poem – notate differences

8-4-1970 Brenda Vance – San Francisco – African American – ProstituteResearch

8-30-1970Janice Smith – San Francisco – African American – ProstituteResearch

9-6-1970Donna Lass – Goes Missing

10-5-197013th Victim Card – Postcard with cutouts

10-12-1970Mr. Adams – Handwritten – Redding, CAResearch

10-26-1970Nancy Bennallack – Arden and Bell

10-27-1970Halloween  Card – Greeting Card – To Paul Avery SF Chronicle– PARADICE – By knife, by rope, by fire, and by gun

Harriette Sucher’s Solve: Get from Catseye

11-13-1970Carol Beth Hilburn – Santa Rosa residentdumped in Sacramento, CA on Ascot Ave.


11-14-1970Dee – Carol Hilburn’s Friend – Last seen on at 4 am at the Zodiac on West Capital Avenue, Sacramento, CA

11-30-1970Ronald Hughes – Went missing and did not show up to court appearance on 11-30-1971 – Phone call saying he was buried on Barker’s Ranch, but nothing was found

1966 – 1970Blood Alley – A stretch of Hwy 37 between Novato and Vallejo which increased significantly in deaths during the period that the Zodiac worked in California. Jack was stationed at Hamilton AFB at the Novato end of Hwy 37 during 1948-1950. These cases should be investigated for accidents that included a third card that fled from the scene or may have caused the impending accident. Zodiac claimed that he would make some murders look like accidents….

1971 – Jack purportedly purchased a home in San Jose which he has until 1972, andJack is said to have taken a job in South Lake Tahoe where he meets Nora Kaufman.

2-22-1971Sharon K. Wilson – Napa areaResearch

2-26-1971Lynda Kanes – Found near Angwin, 200 miles north of Napa – PUC Coed studentResearch

3-13-1971L.A. Times AIR MAIL – Handwritten - The Times, S. F. Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle – Cutouts except Zodiac symbol and signature = Tom Voigt’s letters are AIR MAIL

3-22-1971Donna Lass Sierra Club Post Card mailed from Pleasanton, CAZodiac Jack Killer goes silent, let’s research when he says he will no longer confess to…

3-22-1971 – Jack is arraigned in Santa Clara County for an arrest where he is placed on probation for one year.

3-23-1971Anonymous call – Told Los Angeles Police that Hughes’ body is buried “behind the barn” at Barker Ranch.  – Wrong information

3-29-1971Ronald Hughes body found in Ventura, CA

DC Freeway Phantom and Maryland

4-21 or 25-1971Carol Denise Sparks – 7-Eleven across border into Maryland

6-9-1971Betty Cloer – 30 miles east of Sacramento

I-45 Murders begin:

6-17-1971Colette Anise Wilson – Hwy 6 and County Road 99 – Found Addicks Reservoir

6-19-1971Susan Marie Lynch – Hitchhiking Santa Cruz to home Nevada City – Found in Sacramento

6-29-1971Gloria South – Morris and Lark Street, near Albany Medical Center and Albany Veteran’s Hospital


Have a positive and inspirational day!

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7-1-1971Brenda Jones – I-45 going to Galveston General Hospital

7-8-1971Darlenia Denise Johnson – Body found 15 ft. from where Carol Sparks was found near Andrew AFB

7-13-1971Angela Denise Barnes – Waldorf, MD

7-27-1971Brenda Crockett – Underpass on US HWY 50

8-4-1971Rhonda Renee Johnson and Sharon Lynn Shaw – Taylor Lake – Texas

8-20-1971Linda Dudley – San Francisco

9-30-1971Janet Lee Bowman – HumboldtWhen Found Eureka???

10-1-1971Nenomoshia Yates – Pennsylvania Ave., Prince George County, MD near Andrews AFB

10-28-1971Gloria Ann Gonzalez – Addicks Reservoir

11-2-1971 Found – Adell Margaret Crabtree – Conroe, TX

11-7-1971Linda Faye Sutherlin – Ditch rural road in Pearland

11-9-1971Alison Craven – Galveston abduction – Body Dumped in 2 locations

11-11-1971Debbie Ackerman and Maria Johnson – Galveston abduction – Bodies dumped in 2 locations

11-15-1971Brenda Denise Woodward – access ramp to HWY 202

11-15-1971Tantamount Letter – Handwritten


11-24-1971DB Cooper – Airline Extortion out of Washington to Reno Nevada

4 Letters from DB Cooper = Jack is ARS-MATS in the Air Force which is Air Rescue Service and he is a Supply Sgt. Who knows all about the technical equipment of an airplane.

11-27-1971Thanks for the Hospitality – Reno Evening Gazette – Mailed from Oakdale, CA – Cutouts and Hand printing – near Modesto = Kathleen Johns abduction cross abduction of plane= Dead, Jail or Hospital and Hospital related murders = MKULTRA’s initiating hospital is in Canada whereby Tiburon and the Dear Draft Board letters about being in a hospital directly correlate with Canada and DB Cooper

11-30-1971Composite isn’t true – Vancouver Province editor’s office – Mailed from Vancouver BC, Canada

12-1-1971Alive and Well Portland Oregon – Oregonian Editor – Cutouts – The system that beats the system

12-1-1971Plan ahead for retirement income – Reno Evening Gazette – Mailed from Sacramento – Cutouts

Check dates

12-1971 – Jack has picture of his daughter Lana in South Lake Tahoe – she worked for the Sahara Casino that Donna Lass went missing from in 9-1970 Jack is supposedly working in South Lake Tahoe– Christmas tree in back ground shows December and a new home for Jack in San Jose.

No murders since November 1971 during the DB Cooper extortion caper…

2-4-1972Yvonne Weber and Maureen Sterling – Redwood Empire Ice Arena – Last seen hitchhiking from Guerneville Road – Santa Rosa

3-4-1972Kim Allen – Hitchhiking from Larkspur, Marin County = Tiburon to Santa Rosa – Mt. Tamalpais

3-28-1972Linda Ohlig – Found Half Moon Bay – Bay Area

4-25-1972Jeanette Kamahele – Hitchhiking from Cotati to Santa Rosa

7-26-1972Lynn Derrick – San Francisco - Research

9-3-1972?Alexandra Cleary – Oakland – 18 days before Autumnal Equinox

9-5-1972Diane Williams – I-295 – Baltimore Washington Pkwy

9-1972 – Jack suffers back injury at Tahoe Linen Co….

11-14-1972Maureen Patricia Field – Pleasant Hill Rd Kmart – Found Morgan Territory Rd. Mt. Diablo base –

11-21-1972Lori Lee Kursa – Vanished from Santa Rosa Market

12-12-1972 – Jack “tries” to work one or two days but can’t at Tahoe Linen

1-3-1973Kimberly Pitchford – Texas

3-2-1973 Missing to 3-12-1973Found – Susan McLaughlin – Eighteen days before vernal equinox – Found Kyburz – This is on the way to South Lake Tahoe, Mt. Aukum, Placerville, and Somerset area towards Nevada

3-3-1973 – Gus Uhlhorn – Cincinnati, Ohio****** Probably not Jack -

5-29-1973Rosa Vasques – Arguello Blvd. entrance of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

6-12-1973Yvonne Quilantang – Bayview District Vacant Lot = Black Dahlia and a few others. Hunter’s Point = Bayview District?

7-1-1973Angela Thomas – Seen Leaving the Presidio at 9PM

7-12-1973Nancy Gidley – Last seen Roadway Inn, 895 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

7-15-1973Carolyn Davis – Runaway – Last seen hitchhiking on Rt. 101 from Garberville

7-22-1973Nancy Feusi – Found Redding, CA after going dancing in Sacramento, CA

8-1-1973Not Dead or in the Hospital Letter – Times-Union – Albany, New YorkCipher telling where going to kill, I think, Research

9-30-1971Janet Lee Bowman – found in Eureka


Have a positive and inspirational day!

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11-4-1973Laura O’Dell – San Francisco

11-11-1973Valerie Lane and Doris Derryberry – Olivehurst abduction – Found 13 miles from Marysville – see 2-1-1974

12-2-1973?Michael Shane and Cathy Fechtel – Livermore – Nineteen days before winter solstice

12-22-1973Theresa Walsh – Mark West Creek, Santa Rosa

Others found with no definite time of death Jane Doe #1, Jane Doe #2

12-27-1973Barbara Smith – Found on Road Street, Albany New YorkCheck to see if this is who the cipher told of


1-29-1974Exorcist Letter – Handwritten – Zodiac Killer Returns after 3 years of silence, I guess he was too busy in many other places.

2-1-1974Brenda Merchant – Rural Ditch Marysville, CA– see 11-11-73

2-4-1974 – Patty Hearst – Heiress – Is abducted Berkeley, CA where Jack and Zodiac frequented, drugs and brain washed by the Symbionese Liberation Army??? = SLA letter from Zodiac which indicates from a friend just 10 days later. This isn’t the first Heiress in jeopardy. SLA used cyanide-tipped bullets which is similar to the poison pen and the poison-tipped pen cap spoken about by Zodiac and the case of HB Tennison. Research – James Kilgore and DeFreeze – Donald Duprees, Harris’ City Hall

Convicted of crimes, but sentence commuted by Government official????

Granddaughter of Hearst Newspaper Owner of LA Times and others that have been taunted by the Zodiac Killer himself, plus a letter written referring to the SLA. Something here, why SLA and why Belli, because Zodiac doesn’t take credit for something he didn’t do, and doesn’t deny the things he does. Credit is necessary in his life…

Lindberg refused to do business with Hearst because of yellow journalism, and Lindberg’s child was abducted like John Walsh, Polly Klass, Tim Miller, and others,

2-14-1974SLA Letter

3-17-1974 – Jack arrested in Placerville, CA for poaching

3-29-1974 – Jack buys Blue Chevy Pickup Truck with White Camper Shell in Mt. Aukum

5-7-1974 – Jack files report against Danny Reynolds address Somerset, CA– straight across California from Eureka, Redding and not too far from Keddie, CA.

5-8-1974Badlands Letter

7-8-1974Red Phantom Letter – San Francisco Chronicle – Handwritten Letter

9-2-1974Mary 15 and Susanne 12 Reker – Zayre’s Department Store, St. Cloud, MN


9-6-1974Brooks Bracewell and Georgia Geer – Abducted from Dickinson convenience store

9-29-1974Donna BraunFound in Salinas River near Monterey – Santa Cruz area

11-2-1974Kathleen Kolodziej – Abducted from Main Street near Vault Bar in Cobleskill, New York

12-27-1974Donna Lass Christmas Card – To Mary Pilker – Cursive WritingMaybe having this card filled out by Carol Sedelmeyer Springfield or Southfield MI Research

1972-1974 – Jack lived in the South Lake Tahoe, Mt. Aukum, and Sommerset or Placerville areas

3-1975 – Jack shows working for Cameron Park Shell on Cirby Road, Roseville, CA – Placerville area. Gas stations, especially Shell, seems to be the go to job for mob affiliates and underground relations to CIA???

6-1975 – Jack is in Texas

7-24-1975Barbara Colby – Venice, CA - Research

9-11-1975Claude Snelling – VisaliaResearch

10-16-1975Susan Dye – Eureka areaResearch

12-12-1975 suspect shoots at police officer hitting his flashlight, but gets away, William McGower – Visalia

12-1975 – Jack shows living on San Vincente Way, North Highlands, CA – Sacramento area – later North Highlands victim.

1-7-1976Veronica Cascio – Sharp Park Golf Course, Pacifica, CA – San Francisco area

1-15-1976 Cynthia Rae Cadeaux – Roseville, MI. 

1-19-1976Sheila Srock – Burmingham, MI

1-24-1976Tanya Blackwell – Pacifica, CA

2-7-1976Paula Baxter – Capuchino High School, Millbrae, CA – Car found 3 blocks away

2-15-1976Mark Stebbins – found Feb. 19, 1976 – Ten Mile Rd. & Greenfield in Ferndale, MI.

2-27-1976 – Jack is seen in San Francisco, California for assessment on back injury

3-15-1976Carol Booth – Kaiser Medical Center, South San Francisco

3-17-1976 Idell Friedman – San Francisco, CA – Apartment

4-1-1976Denise Lampe – Serramonte Shopping Center – Daly City, CA

6-6-1976 – Seewen Family – House named Waldeggli - ******Probably not Jack -

8-7-1976Jane Allen – Royal Oak Home Hitchhiked to Auburn Heights, Michigan and then back to home


Have a positive and inspirational day!

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9-5-1976Lisa Dickinson – Heather Farms Park – Walnut Creek

10-19-1976 – Jack is living in Cotton, Minnesota = previous victim and MI victims – California and Texas sees no murders for the next 6 or so months

12-22-1976Jill Robinson – Royal Oak, MI

1-2-1977Kristine Mihelich – 7-Eleven Convenient Store at Twelve Mile Rd and Oakshire, Berkeley, MI

3-16-1977Timothy King – Convenient Store at Hunter and Maple

3-27-1977Suspect calls Dr. Bruce Danto – “The article was wrong. You better hope and pray it doesn’t snow anymore.”

Unknown Date – Letter to Dr. Danto – Typewritten

End of winter 1977 – Jack and family returns to Texas

9-11-1977Lou Ellen Burleigh – Pleasant Hill

12-2-1977Daniel J. Guyton – Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, Illinois

Suicide Note – Need to see

2-2-1978Brian and Katie Maggiore – Sacramento

4-24-1978Herb Caen Letter – Handwritten4 –Where mailed from

4-1978PUC – Riverside – FlashlightResearch

5-2-1978Channel Nine Letter – HandwrittenSee who it lists

Unknown DateTrailer Writing – Herb Caen – Handwritten – I would bet that this was real handwriting and after it was left, Zodiac let them know he is in another place.

5-4-1978KHJ-TV Studios Los AngelesLetter from Atlanta, Georgia – Handwritten – Research message

Another letter in this time frame, perhaps also from this "Zodiac", was a demand that the Washington Post classified run this ad as a secret message:

5-10-1978Karen Petty and Sons Mark 5 and Scott 7 – North Houston, Texas

Summer 1978 – Jack is in MacLanely Park, Austin, Texas and camping another place with Dan and Ann

6-29-1978 Bob Crane – Supposed Suicide - Arizona

7-19-1978 – Scotch Tape Letter – Need to read – where???

10-12-1978Edward and Sophia Friendly – Camino Del Sur and Abrigo Road, Palm Springs – San Diego area - ******Probably not Jack??? – Couples murder like Goleta and Gaviota

11-24-1978 – Charles Tarrance is born in Austin, Texas

1979 – Jack’s neighbor confirms Jack’s residence across the street from the FBI that later came to Sacramento and then moved to the final resting spot at Orange Grove Blvd. and Auburn Blvd. Research

2-24-1979Theresa Matthews – SacramentoFound in Russian River

3-7-1979Katherine Dee Harlan – North Highlands, CA

6-6-1979Tara Cossey – San Pablo, CA

7-21-1979Edward Hope Smith – 14 yrs old – Atlanta

7-25-1979Alfred Evans - 14 yrs old. – Atlanta

9-4-1979Milton Harvey – 14 yrs old – going to the bank Atlanta

9-26-197918 to 22 year old – Tiburon, CA

10-1-1979Goleta Couple – Survived – San Diego area Couples murder Texarkana/Z

10-21-1979Yusuf Bell – going to the store – getting into a blue car Atlanta (Blue Gremlin in OCCK)

11-21-1979Mary Bennett – San Francisco, CA

12-30-1979Robert Offerman and Debra Manning – Goleta- San Diego area – Couples murder like Texarkana, Zodiac, San Diego area

1980 – Dennis says Jack went to Oklahoma for a month to buy some pot???Per Jack’s relative who died, she listed Jack as being at a PO Box in Oklahoma in a 1980 release of Last Will and Testament.

3-4-1980Angel Lenair – 12 yrs old – Atlanta

3-11-1980Jeffery Mathis – Disappeared and never found – Atlanta

3-13-1980Charlene and Lyman Smith – Ventura – Los Angeles area – Couples murder

4-24-1980Robin Brooks – Sacramento, CA

5-18-1980Eric Middlebrooks – Atlanta

6-9-1980Chris Richardson – Disappeared and never found – Atlanta

6-22-1980Latonya Wilson – Disappeared – Atlanta

6-23-1980Aaron Wyche – Diappeared – Atlanta

7-6-1980Anthony Carter – Murder – Atlanta

7-30-1980Earl Terrell – Murder – Atlanta

8-18-1980Kenneth and Patrice Harrington – Dana Point – San Diego area – Couples murder

8-20-1980Clifford Jones – Atlanta

8-26-1980Ronda Mechelle Blaylock – North Carolina

Picked up in a blue Chevy truck with a white camper shell – Jack

9-14-1980Darren Glass – Atlanta

10-9-1980Charles Stephens – Atlanta

11-1-1980Jane Doe – Texas Murder

11-1-1980Aaron Jackson – Atlanta


Have a positive and inspirational day!

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11-9-1980Valeria McDonald – San Francisco*****Probably not Jack -

11-10-1980Patrick Rogers – Atlanta

11-15-1980 – Jack is still receiving mail at Auburn Blvd., Sacramento address

11-27-1980 – Jack is in Texas for Thanksgiving

1-3-1981Lubie Geter – Atlanta

1-22-1981Terry Pue – Atlanta

2-6-1981Manuela Withuhn – Irvine – may not be Jack

2-6-1981Patrick Baltazar – Atlanta

2-19-1981Curtis Walker – Atlanta

3-2-1981Joseph Bell – March 13, 1981 – Atlanta 

3-8-1981Hello it’s me – Mailed in Atlanta Georgia to WXIA – TV Channel 11 NBC – 5-4-78 letter mailed to TV station as well

3-13-1981Timothy Hill – Atlanta

4-11-1981Keddie Cabin Murders – Keddie, CA – Up to Eureka, Redding, and Chico level of California

5-29-1981Carmen Rivera – Hayward

7-26-1981Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez – Toltec Way, Goleta – Santa Barbara – Couples murders

11-28-1981Joan Webster – Boston, Massachusetts

3-16-1982Elaine Goss – Meyerland Home, Texas – first or second wife murdered

4-1982 – Easter or before as Jack does Texas – Lives in Sacramento, CACheck when Easter is

7-1-1982Tamara Ellen McCurry – Disappeared Galveston

11-15-1982Deanna Johnson - Kidnapped in Vacaville, CA after leaving a party to walk home– found near the railroad

Summer 1983 – Jack is back in Texas at Flova’s and camping with Dan and Ann – maybe New Mexico???

8-19-1983Elizabeth Shumate, Jo Ann Brown, and Fran Ivey – 16007 Memorial, Texas???

8-22-1983 – Jack is arrested A and B w/ deadly weapon – North Highlands, CA = Sacramento

9-1-1983 – Jack is sentenced to 30 days and 1 year probation – takes 30 days to get his affairs in order.

9-9-1983 – Jack is selling guns living in Rio Linda, CA away from Nora – obviously he is not in jail right away. Confirms taking care of his business previous to jail time.

10-1-1983Heidi Faye – Texas

10-20-1983 – Jack files for divorce from Nora living in Rio Linda, CA  

10-26-1983Sandra Rambler – Santa Fe, Texas

11-2-1983Corvette Concepts Murder – Texas

11-3-1983 or there after – Jack turns himself in for his 30 days

12-1-1983 – Jack is released and placed on probation

5-23-1984 – Divorce is final

9-1-1984 – Jack is filling out a report for probation that he does not mail in until 4-1985 – Jack should be released from probation on this day – Cirby Way, Roseville, CA

9-1-1984Laura Ann Miller – Convenient store abduction

4-1-1985 – Jack living in Roseville

7-27-1985Holly Hope Robertson – Offat’s Bayou

7-31-1985Paula Goss – Texas

10-5-1985Michelle Doherty Thomas – Alta Loma, Texas

3-7-1986 Ambler Tours letter – Los Angeles, CA

3-12-1986Ambler Tours Letter – Los Angeles, CA

3 or 5-1986100+ Sacramento Letter – San Francisco Chronicle – Handwritten

4-1986 – Headless woman recovered from a garbage bag in a state park in Galveston. Body remains unidentified…Check on head Joan Webster MA murder and similar to the victim found at the gate of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

5-4-1986Janelle Lisa Cruz – Irvine – Last San Diego unsolved murder we see during this serial killer’s reign

5-24-1986Shelley Kathleen Sikes – Disappeared on I-45 on her way home to Texas City – Shore

9-26-1986Laurie Lee Tremblay – Going to Bus Stop – Texas possibly Shore

11-24-1986Theresa Dawn Clark – Sacramento

1-1987William and Katherine Chiapella – Chico, CA – Redding area

1-24-1987Eric Coy – Martinez, California –

6-7-1987Erica Ann Garcia – Teen Club in Houston


7-13-1987Eddie and JoAnn McMillan – Kingwood Neighborhood - Texas

2 phone calls to the police to let them know that the McMillans were dead, one of the calls came from the residence itself

8-7-1987Jack remarries Nora in Nevada

Have a positive and inspirational day!

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2-8-1988 – McDonald’s Letters – Chattanooga, TN - Research

4-9-1988 – Jane Doe – Rail Yard – Southern Pacific Railroad – where???

7-10-1988Lester Garnier – Walnut Creek

10-7-1988Suzanne Rene Richerson – Casa Del Mar Condominiums – Galveston, Texas

12-1988Jack is still on Cirby Way, Roseville, CA

9-19-1989Jane Doe – East side of Houston

1990 Jane Doe – Texas

1990 – Nora in a picture with a cream colored van and says Metro City??? – Shore connection to cream colored van

12-1990, Christmas card and Keys to Post Office Boxes

1991 or 2001??? – Scorpion Letters to John Walsh of AMW – Ciphers included – Princeton, NJ = Anthrax and Bruce Ivins’ letter – Mentions New Jersey activity with 23 victims and “Hi it’s Me” like Tim Miller “Boo It’s Me” or Zodiac Killer “Peek a Boo” Anthrax mailings would be a 10 year anniversary

1991 – Jack and Nora separate – Jack goes to Texas – Nora stays in California

1991 – Scorpion Letters to John Walsh – from where???

12-6-1991Yogurt Shop Murders – Austin Texas


4-16-1992Victim of Anthony Allen Shore – Murder of Hispanic – Maria Carmen Del Estrada

8-22-1992Jack is flying over Tom Lake at 22,000 feet in a plane – where???

11-1-1992Jack goes back to California and picks up Nora – They are back in Texas by 11-4-1992 – Next murder is Jack scouting his next home

11-8-1992Angela Brosso – Phoenix, Arizona

3-11-1993Jack and Nora move to Flagstaff, AZ – Jack changes mind about Phoenix, AZ

9-22-1993Melanie Bernas – Pheonix, Arizona – Arizona Canal

10-4-1993 to 11-11-1994Jack is back and forth between AZ and Texas with Gary

11-19-1993 to 11-26-1993Jack and family go to California

12-17-1993 to 1-2-1994Jack and family go to CAWashingtonCAArizona

5-13-1994Trellis Sykes – Houston, TX

8-7-1994Diana Rebollar – Hispanic Texas – Possible Shore

3-29-1995Deanna Cremin – Somerville, Massachusetts

5-1995Jack is back in Texas taking care of his mom

7-14-1995Dana Sanchez – Solved under Anthony Allen Shore – Hispanic

1-13, 1996 or 1997Amber Hagerman – Arlington, TX – year of crime is conflicted with reported evidence on the internet Find real date

2-1-1996Lynette Bibbs and Tamara Fisher – Teen Club in Houston, TX

1996 - Jack in Dale, Texas

3-5-1996Krystal Jean Baker – Convenience Store Texas City

3-1996Abduction gone bad La Porte, TX – Probably not connected

7-1996Jack is in Seguin, Texas

11-11-1996Jack and family go to California

11-27-1996Jack gets called back to TexasNora and Charles stay in CA

12-17 or 25-1996Nora’s diary gets sketchy as to when Jack returns, but he is free to write the Jon Benet Ramsey Ransom note

12-26-1996Jon Benet Ramsey – Boulder, Colorado

12-26-1996Jon Benet Ramsey Ransom Note – Found in home Boulder, Colorado

1-17-1997Jack and family make it back to Dale, Texas

2-18 to 27-1997Jack in hospital for congestive heart failure

3-24-1997Jack and family go to CAWashington for EasterCATexas

4-5-1997per Nora’s diary, but her dates are often off – Jack returns to Texas

4-3-1997Laura Kate Smither – Friendswood, TX – Possible no relation

5-16-1997Sandra Sapaugh – Webster, TX- Abduction – Escape – Probability not related – but similar to Kathleen John’s abduction.

7-7-1997 to 8-1-1997Jack goes to California

8-17-19972:00am – Jessica Lee Cain – Bennigan’s Restaurant Webster, TX – Last murder Texas sees during this killer’s reign.

9-1-1997Jack gets loan to move back to Watt and Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, California

10-28-1997 – Hunter S. Thompson Letters AKA Gonzo letters – Hunter Thompson’s writing, but of whose words???

9-3-1999 Jack has checking account with Charles – Address Flagstaff, AZ

2-10-2000Jack is in Oregon faxing a prescription back to Sacramento, CA

2000-Dennis figures out who Jack is and reports him to FBI

2001 – Dennis gives Jack’s palm print to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department who claims San Francisco Police Department will not allow an examination. In tandem with this, John Mark Karr is release from pornography charges in Sonoma County on his own recognizance and subsequently absconds and pretends to be Zodiac Killer, Anthrax Killer, and Jon Benet Ramsey’s killer. Sonoma County loses JMK’s evidence against him and he is subsequently set free from charges after returning from Thailand. Dennis also turns over an envelope to FBI who then sends it to San Francisco

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Police Department for DNA testing. Results take almost a year or more and then are damaged by the testing facility. DNA from under the lip of the envelope was mixed with DNA from under the stamp which was purportedly by two separate individuals giving four reference markers and no way to separate them to determine which are Jack’s versus the second person so that it can be compared to the Zodiac Killer’s DNA.


2001 Jack and Charles are back in Dale, Texas – Jack has friends in a zip code nearby Tim Miller – Charles meets his girlfriend Krystal who is the daughter of Jack’s friends – Krystal writes disturbing drawings and messages about trolls who should die to Charles – handwriting reminiscent of the Dear Draft Board letters.

9-11-2001Anthrax Mailings – Murders = 23 victims = 5 deaths = 17 sick – mailed from Princeton, New Jersey where the postal key in the 1990 Christmas Card copy is serial number for Princeton, New Jersey and the other is a master international key = Anthrax and Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand mailings. This would make this planned more than 10 years in advance. 1990 Christmas Card was not found until 2007 and revealed to the public

Label all letters mailed to who???

More anthrax letters mailed from Florida and Malaysia – Consider that John Mark Karr mailed these, and is also working with this pedo underground system.

10-2001 John mark Karr was released on his own recognizance after being jailed for more than 10 months on a child pornography charge for having child pornography on his work computer where he is a teacher or professor in Sonoma County??? John Mark Karr is said to have traveled to England, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand in his time abroad.

2002 – Harry Philips with 20 on 20 funded a DNA test on suspects of the Zodiac Killings. When Jack didn’t appear in the segment denouncing his involvement, Dennis Kaufman called and spoke to Harry Philips who indicated that Jack Tarrance didn’t appear because they knew the other 8 suspects, including Arthur Leigh Allen) were not the Zodiac Killer.

3-12-2002Jack still getting mail in Dale, Texas

5-13-2002Jack back in Roseville being admitted to Sutter Hospital

6-2002Jack in Citrus Heights with Dennis

11-22-2002 –Tom Voigt Letter – Mailed to Tom from Singapore – Consider JMK

2003 – Dennis turns over Eaton Bond paper to Sacramento PD

6-3-2003Jack moves to Washington near Mary until his death in August 2006

1-15-2003 – Tom Voigt Letter – Mailed to Tom Voigt from Thailand – Consider JMK

9-2005Jack’s aunt said Jack showed up out of the blue in Texas at her house asking about some boxes he had long since left and she had thrown away. This comes after Dennis giving Jack’s evidence back because no one would take Dennis serious or give Jack his due. So, I believe Jack went back hoping to find those boxes so he would have evidence.

9-22-2005Finale Letter – Tim Miller – Mailed to Texas from Texas – Taking credit for Illinois, Los Angeles, Florida, Texarkana, DC Freeway Phantom, Atlanta Child Killer, Oakland County Child Killer, I-45 and Texas murders, Arizona murders, Anthrax, John Benet Ramsey = John Ramsey character assassination, Scorpion letters, and many other random murders in a select number of states that are between the traveling locations.

4-11-2006Letter written to Bruce Ivins – Trenton, NJ postmark

5-2006 – John Mark Karr is in Thailand desperately emailing back to a journalist, no less, wanting his story told about Jon Benet, and he has attempted to persuade US that the Zodiac killer is overseas as well. Michael ------ Check name of journalist

8-16-2006 – John Mark Karr turns himself in 8 days before Jack dies. He is given a hero’s homecoming with a leer jet ride with the Secret Service where he is seen smiling, laughing, and drinking champagne. Arriving back in Colorado, JMK’s facts and DNA do not match, so he is extradited back to Sonoma County for his original child pornography charges, but guess what?, Sonoma County has lost his computer therefore nothing to charge JMK on and he is released. Later comes up with the money for gender reassignment??? Exactly how did she achieve that and achieve living abroad not to mention traveling with proper ID – CIA / Secret Service or underground affiliation is the only explanation!

8-24-2006Jack dies in Washington after pulling his own oxygen tubeverify date???

2008 – Dennis Kaufman opens a PA system with what appears to be the Zodiac Killer’s hood. CBS 13 Chris Pickel aired this segment. The FBI told me that the fabric was authentic fabric made at a time previous to the Zodiac Killings, but there was no DNA, zip, zero, nadda. That hood has never been returned from the FBI.

2008??? – Dennis Kaufman is suppose to meet Kathleen John’s who the Zodiac Killer had abducted in Santa Rosa to show her Jack’s picture to see if the FBI could get and ID on Jack, but John’s died from a heart attack the morning Dennis was to meet with her.

2009 – Dennis hires Nanette Barto to examine handwriting of Jack Tarrance, Jr. and the notorious Zodiac Killer.

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10-22-2010Letters to Robert Gray Smith a journalist no less – 2010Robert Gray Smith – Letters and Greeting Cards – Possibly floating around or being withheld like the 1990 Christmas Card which was received in 2007 to confuse the idea that one was still alive and kicking.Probably promised to wait to mail in exchange for story for new book in 1996. List Letters

Law Enforcement in Action:

This page will be reserved for the action or non-action from various law enforcement agencies since I have been on this case, and a few from Dennis Kaufman's experience that include recorded phone call conversations. Best I can tell, these emanated around 2002-2002. 

Conversation with particular law enforcement agencies that wreak of "who has the ball?" You can click on the link or the name of the agency depending on what files your computer will handle. :  Chris Hopkins FBI Carrol SFPD :  Kelly Carrol SFPD : Ken Hittmeier FBI (2001) Conner So Lake Tahoe PD Conner So Lake Tahoe PD :  Tom Conner So Lake Tahoe PD

Sonoma County PD is sitting on a palm print of Jack's that has yet to be allowed by SFPD to be compared to the Zodiac's. Absolutely disgusting, and here is the proof they have and are fighting the same system that is suppose to be helping to solve this case, and they have more unsolved homicides during the Zodiac period than SFPD to begin with.  : Steve Brown Sonoma County PD (SPD)  : Steve Brown SPD

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