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1978 Poem Letter Typed.jpg  1978-5-4 Atlanta GA Stop Forced Bussing0002.jpg  1978-7-19 Scotch Tape Typewritten Letter.jpg  1981-3-8 Atlanta GA Peachtree0002.jpg 
Here is the letters involved in this crime spree, or at least the ones that I could find on a public forum. The type written poem is written in cursive, and I am going to make a handwriting comparison to Jack's cursive. The upside is that we know Jack could write in cursive along with the many other styles that the murderers use. I don't remember block writing in my life past high school, so to find it in Jack's handwriting as an adult is ultra-special.
Look at the special "F's" TerryB, that you attribute to JBR and the RN.

Have a positive and inspirational day!
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