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Planetarium0001.jpg  Planetarium0002.jpg  Found today in my Gpaw's military files, just one that stood out immediately based on a gleaning, 1948 Brochure which brings back to an old theory or just another reminder of why we went there in the first place. It is all starting to make sense.

Unlike Jack, my Gpaw has every single military paper and record of his existence including technical training brochures. Turns out, my Gpaw was a Technical Supply Sgt. just as Jack was. He describes everything from being a Master Electrician to knowing how everything worked and he repaired on an airplane, not to mention tail gunner and fueling guide as part of this job. I have just begun to go through his belongings, and found another few coincidences.

My Gpaw was born in Texarkana, TX, and his grandmother and other family members from the Oklahoma Territory. Just where Jack and Letha Marie Self were from. Plus, it turns out that there is a Sarah Barnett that is a sister of my Gpaw's  Grandmother I believe, I need more time to research, but I am flabberghasted by the last name Barnett and territory in which we are researching. "Ina Flova Barnett."

Definitely more to come on both of these topics. BTW, This brochure is for Boulder, CO, I believe, TerryB...

Have a positive and inspirational day!
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