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My suspicion is that the Trentn. clue in the Clack Dahlia is clearly tied into the New Jersey theme of Scorpion which may have been a plan in the making for more than 10 years. I find that the DB Cooper case was in the making for at least 2 years. Then tie in the greeting card to Ivins with "hope you enjoy the post mark" with a tie into not only being the Anthrax mailer but the Zodiac and Black Dahlia murderer as well. There is definitely a Canadian connection so I wouldn't put pass the Air Force base connection by any means, in fact I would likely lean more that direction than the others. Just like the revolving statements of "here and alive" this is a running theme he made sure came alive in every single letter. Wait til you see the matching linguistics and statements that occur over and over again.

They won't be able to deny that it isn't coincidental that every single serial killer in these series write the same exact thing over and over again with none of them being connected. Yeah right! It is too good to be true, but then I show it to you and there is no denying it. We are almost there.

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