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Well Nanette, I've come to the conclusion that I agree with you about the Cooper caper.... the weight of the evidence shows that Jack was Cooper...and, nothing excludes him whatsoever! Far more things make him a valid suspect than any other suspect named so far. As a matter of fact, the evidence on ALL of the others is completely lacking. Bear in mind, I have to have a reasonable certainty to make such a strong statement, so kudos to you, girl! I simply had to get my mind wrapped around all of it before making such a proclamation. That airline ticket is Zodiac Jack 101 and in every detail. I think that he must have craved the adrenaline rush from doing such a sophisticated stunt? No ticket clerk would have drawn that "DAn COopEr" hand printing with the cursive letter r at the end and in such a manner, and complete with a primary JT hint in the letter p construction too! No way!!! There's simply too much pertinent evidence right there alone!!!
One small bit of info might make all the difference.

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I completely agree... I just need to get back to the basics which is the handwriting and finish examining all the letters you put up here.
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