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Food for Thought! I do not want to change your mind… I just want to change your body! For the better!!!

The last time I ranted, I covered Dr. Bredesen’s cure of Alzheimer’s as seen on the 700 Club last year. This time I want to talk about another cure from another source. If at any time you disbelieve what I have to say, please research the patent the US Government has on CBD as neural-protectant. It turns out that is protects many things, and has a miraculous resolve/cure for many things like cancer and diabetes.

Again, stay with me, and if you don’t believe, listen to this…

I recently discussed that my father was diagnosed in late stages of dementia aka Alzheimer’s since he is 69 years young. They are now connecting diabetes to Alzheimer’s at what has been lovingly named “Diabetes Type – Alzheimer’s.” This is because it is due to the amount of insulin you are subjected to from the crap/processed food you eat. I thought my dad was crazy because he somehow came to the conclusion on his own about 3 months ago that if you had dementia, you must also have diabetes. I tried to ensure him that it wasn’t since my Uncle suffers from dementia, but does not have diabetes. Turns out I was dead wrong even if my dad wasn’t dead right. But, insulin events in your body at an excessive amount will cause cell death in the brain.

I put my father on CBD a month a half ago. After 2 weeks, I found out through my mom that the doctors had removed my dad from daytime insulin injections altogether, and he only received a long-acting nighttime dose. I am proud to say that today is the first day my father will not have to take or endure an injection again because they have taken him off of insulin altogether!!! Yayyyyy

My father had previously taken as much as 75 units or more of both fast and slow acting insulin for more than 20 years. You should have seen his face when I told him he no longer needed shots. It was priceless even if he doesn’t remember it later, LOL.

You see, we have neural receptors in our brains that use Cannabis/Marijuana to our benefit like your mother’s milk. We have 2 recently identified receptors, CB1 and CB2 that can use the CBD found in marijuana to our benefit with no high feeling whatsoever. One of these receptors, CB2, is responsible to our immune system.

The research is being completed in Isreal, and is readily googleable! There is also a documentary discussing the patients that cured cancer and other neurological diseases/disorders, plus, the research by the doctors responsible for isolating these receptors. This documentary is Marijuana Medical Cure or some order of those words. Please do not hold me to the “actual”, but you should be able to find it nonetheless. It has been playing on AWEHD channel for a few weeks now!

Before you question me, remember, the US Government has a patent on CBD as a neural protector. If the government literally owns the prescriptions drug companies, this is why they had patented it so no one else can taking money out of their pockets. And, since they labeled it as a Schedule I drug, that means that it is illegal in the US to research, study the effects, or study as a benefit for human health. Our bodies have receptors for it, that means our bodies need this interaction, and that means that GOD put it here on earth for a purpose. This begs the question as to why the US has kept this from us for more than 20 years???

Either way, my father is no longer taking insulin after more than 20 years, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. If you know someone with cancer or failing health in general and you love them, then do your own research like I did, and maybe you will save a life.

We need to rise up together as a society and demand that the Federal Government do its job since they are appointed as representatives of the people, and start solving diseases and disorders instead of treating symptoms that lead to one’s demise in the name of lining their pockets! Peace out everyone!

Have a positive and inspirational day!
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