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I think this might be the cross over from Lipstick to the Los Angeles area previous to Elizabeth Short.
1946-2-15-Rochelle Gloskoter0001.jpg
1946-2-15-Rochelle Gloskoter0002.jpg 
1946-2-15-Rochelle Gloskoter0003.jpg   My reasoning for the cross over is two fold just like Jack and the Zodiac Killer would have it.
Not only is this murder in the Los Angeles area years prior to Elizabeth Short and 21 years junior to Cheri Jo Bates, but describes a girl in a red dress just like the desktop poem. Which may literally be an anniversary letter to the killing as I describe with most of these crimes. Library officials claim to have found this in April 1967 which means it could have been there in February 1967 which would be roughly a 21 year anniversary. They were not able to determine cause of death due to the length of time it took to find the body, but the parents recognized the badly worn shoes that were brand new when she was abducted and the Red floral print dress.  

Also, take note to the fact that she is 6 years old (link to Degnan before Black Dahlia is dumped near Degnan Blvd.), and now the 6 year old is a brunette with brown eyes as the Riverside Phantom and Zodiac and Tim Miller suspect speaks of. The list goes on and on.

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